Sunday, July 23

Rookie in roorkee

"Back to pavillion" - that's what my friend said as we boarded our train, about an hour late as usual. After few awkward moments with mom n dad, we left the good old city of Gwalior to a relatively unknown land, with no idea of the accomodations we might be able to 'jugadofy'.
I've been in Gwalior all my life and except for a few moments of desperation, it's a good place for someone like me. Being back at home for two n a half months without any aim whatsoever can make you crazy, but I managed to cut that time in half by sleeping during daylight. The first month passed pretty quickly coz my sister came home n we had some great time together as we always do, n then my mausi gave birth to my cute lil cousin sister :) and I got back on programming a raytracer which used to be my hobby during school and got some great stuff done! But then my sis had to go back n my friends were still not in gwalior and so began my strife with boredom...I was very soon leading a semi-vegetative life, with no friends to bug, a tv with no cable, a lappi with nuthin to do. While it lasted for wat seemed like forever, finally some of my friends came back to gwalior n we had some gr8 time together...we din't have parties in discos or nething but managed to play cricket with the 'one-tip one-hand' rule on the terrace. I went to the theatres of gwalior after probably 5 years! I got to meet my gf a number of times too...once she stayed for lunch (which was somewat awkward for parents) which proved to be the best day of these holidays! Anyways, soon she too left gwalior n life was getting really frustrating when the doomsday, the nemesis zoomed closer to me - the 22nd of july! Ok it wasn't that bad considering my state of mind...but I felt really sorry for not having spent some time with my parents (basically coz I slept while they had lunch!). On the last day when I couldn't sleep at all, I started reading a book written by my mama...about his journey to kosovo..n realized what a huge leap my mom n dad's families had had over the years n I was just so proud of them! I am sorry this is quite boring...but that's how my life generally is.
Ok well we boarded the train and I spent some nice time sleeping in the cool morning breeze...and once again I got to meet my gf on the station which added to my joy. But all that sense of happiness vanished as the train took off and the temperature steadily rised and a couple of policemen came in with a convict (in handcuffs) and sat with us! Well it would've shocked anyone but I'd had a similar experience some time back so I was rather cool about it. Anyways, the journey was still gruesome after they left coz again we had 3 huge of them sounding like a 10 year old kept chattering away in a pitch of tone I never knew existed. Believe me, if I had the option I would rather choose the convict n the policemen! Amidst all the noise and drama, the tiny station of roorkee surreptitiously appeared on our windows and we hurried to get out of the stupor that those females created.

As I got down I realized I had the headache which the coolie must've had as he carried our luggage, but this was just the beginnig of a long ordeal. On reaching my friend's hostel we rammed all our luggage in the room of an unsuspecting friend of ours and got back down to get ourselves our rooms. Well, the supervisor of my bhawan turned out to be surprisingly helpful and opened about half a dozen rooms with freshly painted walls and furniture and I finally settled on the least smelling one. I of course had no bedding and couldn't have one until the next day as the chief warden of RJB had decided a back-breaking night for the fachchas-no-more would satisfy his overbloated ego. And so began my struggle with flying newspaper, wet paint and tiny little fan. I took an amazingly refreshing bath and sat down with the book by mama that I'd left half unfinished. But the fatigue soon took over and I quickly laid down lots of newspaper on the plywood and made a pillow out of towels and got down to sleep, trying my best to ignore the feeling that I was too thin and a little bit of fat would've helped cushion the hard bed.

The next day came pretty soon as a friend woke me up coz we had to bring our trunk etc from the RJB cloak room. On reaching that place after walking almost a km, we found we had a mountain of trunks, bedding and suitcases to climb and explore (My friend suggested we start RJBTVEC inspired by HEC). Thanks to Udit and Tarun who had taken care of all my stuff and delivered it safely to the cloak room, I found my stuff within half an hour (which is unbelievable, but true!) and we stacked two trunks, two sets of bedding plus one suitcase onto the rickshaw and on he went as we followed the poor guy. I tend to be careless most of the times and this gets me into a lot of trouble. As an example, I have a lock on my trunk the key of which I don't really have with me. So, sooner or later I'll have to break it open but I'm managing without that for as long as possible. I also don't have my lappi because I had to send it for repair in the last week, something that I could've done earlier had I not been sleeping 14hrs a day.

Anyways, my tryst with babus and rickshaw-pullers goes on as I wait for some more friends to arrive and share the agony and ecstasy that is Roorkee!