Monday, October 29


Lo and behold. Thomso's over and I'm twenty. You see the kick-in-the-butts ceremony passed quickly, though not painlessly (Chuha can kick). The getting older fact doesn't faze be though. I am, in fact, savouring it.
But there's an uncertainty, flavoured sweet by Zephyretta ("Am I feelin' what I should feel..."). The song itself reminds me of another incident, which feels like eons away now. Ahh, forget it, its just like any other day, I tell myself. It doesn't, however, stop me from going on those little picnics of imagination, which usually start during dull conversations or those rare sleepless nights. I wish I could describe it, but that's beyond my level of articulation.
I could say a lot has happened since my last post - with websites, quizzes, debates and presentations past, I'm probably ready to hop on to the next box on the eternal to-do list - turning myself into the whimpering intern. The kind, benevolent senior gang tell me to start apping soon. Tomorrow, I make a mental note. As it goes, there's a lot of planning involved depending on what you wish to go for. I've heard the permutations and combinations, but the John Nash moment is yet to arrive.
It's getting late and despite the good man that Nagu is, I might still be risking an F in novels so I cut my ramblings short, as I see this going nowhere. Much like those GDs. Thanks PTV.
Gud night-da.

(As usual, the title of the post makes no sense. But tell me if you thought it was castle.)