Monday, June 8

The Last One, Definitely

When I last posted, the ground opposite Nesci was barren. So was the one opposite the Farmhouse. I was hopeful of becoming an engineer. Now I'm hopeless. Some things, though, remain the same. Manmohan Singh is still the PM. Leftiekins is brilliant as ever. She and Ex-She are still committed.
Anyway, on to more important things.
The semester started with three trips. The first was to Allahabad with the whole Lit gang, barring a few (who couldn't get permission from home, I must rub in), where we realized we weren't just a bunch of geeks- we were, indeed, awesome.
Next was to Pune with my sis, where I met my cousin and realized I didn't hate kids after all. Same for formal clothing. Which I hear is a must at Deloitte.
I continued in high spirits with The Elders' Trip, for which we are ever grateful to Dr R S Bawa. The halwa at the Golden Temple, the whole roasted chicken, Teacher's and VAT 69, Porn-charades and Haveli are only glimpses of the great trip. The shabab was absconding, but in a bachelor's life, a good imagination goes a long way.
Back on home turf, I learnt and very arguably, excelled at two club games- Pool and Poker. While I had tried my hand at Pool in the first year, the fourth gave us much more free time and much less ambition. During the many sessions of hitting ivory balls with awkwardly long wooden sticks, I realized that only the French could have invented such a horribly difficult game. As with any game, it didn't take long for me to get bored. So, one fateful night, we were introduced to the wonderful world of "Texas No Limit Hold Em" Poker. Well that's the one variant we played, and play we did. Even those who swore off Poker as gambling could not resist the temptation. With time, stakes soared and so did the tempers. Even those as phlegmatic as me were involved in one or two altercations. End of the day, not exactly additions to the resume but two more ways to pass time if I ever turn gazillionaire.
All this time, the good and the bad news about IIMs and MS/Phds trickled in. While Labrador got a call from UTA, Rapu casually ditched Stanford for Canada. I hope Cobie Smulders had nothing to do with it. Shockingly enough, Lefty's A wasn't Awesome enough and B didn't quite feel the L.O.V.E. Anyway, Lefty will be the Catamite at Kolkata and The Mathematical Genius ditched Hyderabad for Singapore, leaving my dreams of a live-in at Hyderabad forever shattered.
Then came the farewell chapos and the 'High Tea' that I'm not the least embarrassed to admit I missed. The wona chapo was significantly more interesting than any in the last year, of note being the dela impression and the signing of the t-shirts.
Many more interesting events happened. Fiona's identity was established beyond doubt and in her, I hope to have gained another reader. The Titans were remembered in an issue with probably the highest carbon footprint. And in what I can only call a 'tragicomic' incident, the Putouter lost his laptop with some extremely private data. I discovered where the Multi Media Dungeon is located and what the fuss was all about with Joey and Chandler's recliners. I travelled from Roorkee to Delhi for a thousand bucks and from there to Gwalior in about a hundred.
Perhaps the best thing was that the Fabulous Fifteen all had at least one job by the time we left ground. So now I can safely say- This is the end, my friend.