Thursday, July 16

Hyderabad Blues

I’m well settled since my last post. My new home is pretty good and things are getting settled quickly. Last time the week went by this quick, I was in the first year and oddly enough, wearing the same kind of formals. Even the training sessions are like lectures. This place increasingly reminds me of good times past.
The SPS group is just like any other group with all kinds of people from all kinds of places. We take collective pleasure in decrying all the training sessions. There’s some merriment as we make fun of each other. People are given nicknames, most of them by yours truly. The title of Godmother is already conferred to someone Sri would’ve really liked. People are making plans of DPs. I’m back to playing NFS MW on a mattress lying on the ground, much like the arrangement at F-42.
But all the jokes and free coffee does little for that empty feeling- there’s no Midha or Rastogi or Lefty to go to. There are a million little things to take care of and while we laugh and sip away on our cappuccinos, each one of us is missing their own little families that they left behind. We are all thinking of something or someone. Of how they all would laugh on jokes that don’t even make sense anymore. Of how so many would stuff into one room to start a movie, only to fall asleep half way. Of long sessions spent on discussions they can’t remember too well. Of long walks and short trips. Of little annoying habits of people that seem so trivial now.
We all understand the inevitability of it all and cruel as it is, we all seem to move on. I’m trying to move on too. But there’s a song stuck in my head. And it’s you.
Miss you all.

Friday, July 10

Chicken Biryani for the soul

As I reluctantly overhear my temporary roommate talk to his girlfriend about shoe polish in slightly broken english clad in a heavy Gujarati accent, I am but left to desperately wonder why everyone searches for a partner- and some more than others. It only takes a fraction of a second to be reminded by that inner voice that one is no exception.
Hyderabad has had the pleasure of my presence for about 14 days now, which means I vacate my cozy room in the guest house tomorrow. This means no more AC, TV and no net till Monday. There’s also the household stuff to procure- much of which I left at F-42. But before I take the leap, I thought I’d push the case study aside for now and do something less boring. And so I write.
Each of the many times that I pictured myself at work, I couldn’t have got right exactly how it is here. I’ve had a grand welcome to a place where affable is, for once, just the right word to use for most people. I have surprised myself in my social skills and this place doesn’t seem so alien anymore. I don’t see any corporate sharks or backstabbers for now and there’s a faint resemblance to the way we worked in wona. There has been some endurance testing from their side by making us sit through hours after hours of presentations but I really hope it’s for the good and I don’t mind all the cookies. As for the much dreaded ratio of R, things aren’t that good here, especially in SPS, but they’re nowhere as bad.
While I do paint a rosy picture, I’m still not sure what my job is about. I did always imagine myself working hard at some really cool application in a really huge company but the idea of giving advice on the same and being paid for it isn’t too bad either. Lots of people say lots of things. Some are happy, some frustrated and most are lukewarm. So I’ve decided to wait before I judge, which should take about a quarter of this year. Till then, five days a week, 8-9 hours a day.
It’s great to meet such a variety of people from so many backgrounds. There are times when a totally new face seems so familiar you could swear you knew it from somewhere. Hardly anyone is intimidating. There are a scarce few I’d like to maintain a safe distance from and also a few whose intimate circle I’d like to penetrate, quoted from the brilliant QI series, although the intent is slightly different. There have been some minor developments but that is the stuff for later posts. There could possibly be a second Bloody Sunday, but it won’t be as bloody I’m sure.
As for Hyderabad, the climate has improved and reminds me of Bangalore. There’s little else that I could compare between the two cities. Hbd does have awful traffic but the transport is cheap, there’s no “Open Butter Masala Dosa” in the company cafeteria and even the KFC is a good distance away. I finally tried some non-veg which was practically swimming in butter and tasted just ok. Next stop, KFC. Other means of intoxication are, from what I hear, costly. I’m yet to taste a proper Biryani. I’m sure there is a lot to discover in terms of food around here once I get settled.
Back to where I started this post. My roommate and I don’t quite agree on the life, universe and everything but things aren’t too bad. His treatise on shoe polish reminds me of a similar time when everything under the sun would be discussed and debated on phone calls that would last for hours. Then the various debacles come to mind, some of which have been well documented here. Then there was that feeling of possessing a lead bottom when that person would be around. There’s an inkling of that feeling again. I wonder why.