Saturday, October 10

October Heat

The recent spate of posts on this page has been all about life, work et cetera. Somehow the guilt of not having written for so long has overpowered the dread of rambling on, cryptic names and all. So here’s some very recent scoop on some very interesting events. Technically not another Bloody Sunday, but almost there. And sorry L.O.V.E. for breaking the promise of no more rhyme.
Brace yourselves.

Apologies, dear readers!
I deign to doggerel
And yet I do not worry
I’m anyway going to hell

So from a life so pedestrian
Little fun facts I draw
Like work expands with heat
And Roomie1 regrets what he saw

After Roomie2’s ass kicking ritual
Me and R1 left for our humble abode
I found me in wondering, perpetual
As he related what he saw before

No more I confound you, reader
But I hope you won’t be slow
In understanding that
She is now She two point oh

For when I told her madam,
All my pointers are in confluence
And they shall point to you
Whenever I dereference

Forewarned by the attempt
To catch her in the rye
She matched my eloquence with
Yeah, right. Nice try.