Tuesday, October 5

The Graduation

If I could design my own course for masters, this would be it:

  • Math
    1. Discreet Math: What they did not tell you in FIITJEE
    2. The Netherworld of Number Theory: Why iota can't get real
    3. LaTeX isn't rubber

  • Computer Science
    1. The Curse of Cormen: These algorithms will haunt you
    2. Harried Programmer and The Deadly Data Structures
    3. Operating Systems: Original Sin?
    4. Databases: Meet Little Bobby Tables

  • Quizzing
    1. Mythology: Epic Mistakes
    2. Sports: You can lose more than chicks
    3. Entertainment: How to make TV pay
    4. Wikipedia, IMDB and a pinch of salt

  • Language
    1. How to evade Grammar Nazis
    2. Pre-Rhyme: Preventing poetry before it happens
    3. Eternal Sunshine: Unlearning the GRE vocabulary
    4. in2 da mYnD f dA tXtR

  • Music
    1. Nomenclature: Drug references for noobs
    2. Lyrics are for lame-os
    3. How to deal with a Justin Bieber fan

  • Social Studies
    1. Family on Facebook: Avoiding e-embarrassment
    2. Blogger's Flatulence: How to STFU
    3. Skype your relationship
    4. Schrodinger's LOLCAT: The Anatomy of Memes


Sushant said...

uber LOL!!

thebigbandtheory said...

Sounds more like an undergrad program. Too many courses, too little direction.

'Meet Little Bobby Tables'? xkcd seems to have a greater influence than expected. And you really can't evade grammar Nazis when you are on the borderline of being one.

I tried using Cormen in my first sem Algorithms course. I could have burned the book with my gradesheet. Unfortunately, it belonged to the library, and I was short on cash.

Anunaya Jha said...

I absolutely love the coursework! hen do we get to enroll for it? *wink*

Saagar said...

Top it up with Theology:
1. Belief- Putting the f in believe
2. Waiting for God@OT
3. ManU: The beginning of Hindu myth

This course will require you to be a United follower as a prerequisite.