Saturday, October 16


Are we born tiny and grow up or do we crumble away slowly with age?
As if parts of me choose to linger around certain memories, reluctant to move, like a child gaping at a toy he can't have. They pull back with need. I walk with caution, trying not to unearth a hidden memory. I walk into the desolate sands of dead habit where the only acceptable emotion is indifference. The mounds of dry earth keep shifting shapes but stay the same. I am free, alone and happy. But sometimes when I least expect it, it rains. And when it rains, it pours.

Tuesday, October 5

The Graduation

If I could design my own course for masters, this would be it:

  • Math
    1. Discreet Math: What they did not tell you in FIITJEE
    2. The Netherworld of Number Theory: Why iota can't get real
    3. LaTeX isn't rubber

  • Computer Science
    1. The Curse of Cormen: These algorithms will haunt you
    2. Harried Programmer and The Deadly Data Structures
    3. Operating Systems: Original Sin?
    4. Databases: Meet Little Bobby Tables

  • Quizzing
    1. Mythology: Epic Mistakes
    2. Sports: You can lose more than chicks
    3. Entertainment: How to make TV pay
    4. Wikipedia, IMDB and a pinch of salt

  • Language
    1. How to evade Grammar Nazis
    2. Pre-Rhyme: Preventing poetry before it happens
    3. Eternal Sunshine: Unlearning the GRE vocabulary
    4. in2 da mYnD f dA tXtR

  • Music
    1. Nomenclature: Drug references for noobs
    2. Lyrics are for lame-os
    3. How to deal with a Justin Bieber fan

  • Social Studies
    1. Family on Facebook: Avoiding e-embarrassment
    2. Blogger's Flatulence: How to STFU
    3. Skype your relationship
    4. Schrodinger's LOLCAT: The Anatomy of Memes

Saturday, October 2

The Flutterby Effect

Several times in a day. Millions of butterflies flapped their wings. And nothing ever happened.