Thursday, September 15

That post again

It can't be good that I feel like blogging again. There has to be a correlation between the size of your to-do list and the attractiveness of that New Post button. Ab aaya hoon to kuch likh kar hi jaoonga.
So. After all the visa-related drama, here I am. Even the suspicious looking ground coriander made it through customs. Yes, here I am. Finally doing computer science. Trying to get used to having books around and having to read them. Cooking your own meals and swallowing your pride after. Being blown away by super-cool professors repeatedly. Realizing that you live in a small town that exists because a university was constructed on top of a hill in the 1700s which also happens to be the country's oldest public university.
There's not much to say yet. Except for a few low-quality photographs of random places, there's not much to show either. I did manage to get a haircut that could land me Gollum's role, but I'll let that go without being photographed.
I don't know why I started writing. I think I miss something but I can't tell what. It's hard to place, like a deja vu. Let me know if you get hiccups.

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The Decayed Canine said...

It can't be good that I felt like blogging again.

I concur, amidst splits.