Monday, May 23

War on Error

Rapu says 2011 is a good year. A lot of good things did happen- McK fell for Lefty's boyish charms, Midha wooed A, Chaukanna was FMS-ed, Bansi and hopefully The Hulk will be in LBS soon. A bunch of people graduated with a Master's- Doggy wrangled a PhD from UTA, Chatter ditched FB for Quora, Rapu will probably teach the French a thing or two about food. EE junta took so many ranks at IES, I'm slightly afraid the Bumps Blitzkerieg of our first year will return. Then a sizable bunch quit or switched jobs when they finally ran out of tv series to pass time. I got Adobted, and later got two MS admits and an interview at Facebook's HQ. What could possibly go wrong?

Apparently, the very thing I took for granted. In a world where Vogon descendants haven't taken over the governments of the world, you would imagine getting a visa for a 1 week trip to interview for an American company wouldn't be a big deal. But Gaddafi's eyewear wouldn't be more wrong than you. Turns out, even if you are interviewing for a job in the heart of Silicon Valley, you are supposed to feign disinterest and say "Meh. I'm just going there for an interview. Won't take up a job or anything. Chillax.". I being the callow, small-town software engineer, decided it's best to tell the truth and answered a resounding Yes when asked if I would work there after the interview. Now, I assumed it was obvious, to a Visa Officer at least, that I would have to get a work visa before I could work there. Turns out, this was a bigger mistake than assuming OBL was in Afghanistan. My visa was rejected, and then re-rejected because even a letter from FB's lawyers couldn't budge a woman's resolve against logic. Now here's the cherry on the cake, if the cake is the cake promised by GLaDOS. Turns out, when you apply for a student visa, you still have to somehow convince them you won't look for work in the US. And I have already been rejected on grounds that I said otherwise. So, in all likelihood, I will be denied the student visa as well and that will be that for my plans on taking over the world and making it compulsory for every store to carry Milkbikis.

Somebody suggested I fly to Mexico and cross the border, and that sounds just about as sane as anything else right now.