Thursday, October 11


She entered our lives as a tiny white ball of fur who would whine and poop all day, having just been separated from her mother. We never really got her to potty train completely, nor did she learn to shut up when asked. Unsurprisingly, she fit right in with our family.

As utterly clueless owners, we probably made many mistakes over the years, but the delight in her now glaucoma-ridden eyes whenever one of us would come home was unmistakable. It was the best part of coming home, but I guess she had to go home some day too.

I guess I'm now one of those people who tear up randomly during conversations. Miss you, very much.

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Anunaya Jha said...

She's just as happy to have been a part of your family as well, I'm sure!

If it helps, she's okay at 'home'.